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Zucano Technologies Partners With Govolo/ GO Voyages For Selling Tickets Online

Zucano, the Social Travel Company, has yesterday announced the agreement with the first French online travel tickets reseller Govolo/ GO Voyages to re-sell flight tickets onto its own Social Traveling platform Zucano.com.

After the integration, Zucano Technologies, a travel startup based in Milan, Italy has announced the agreement with Govolo/ GO Voyages that now allows the whole Zucano community of social travelers to book trips directly on the platform landing to Govolo website to end the purchasing process. "With this implementation our members can use Zucano as the ultimate platform for social travelling without any need to go somewhere else to buy a ticket for that trip they find on zucano.com!" said Marco Turchini, Zucano Technologies CEO.

Govolo/ GO Voyages is a leading Online Travel Agency/ Ticket reseller worldwide and one of the first in Europe. "With a similar partner we provide the highest quality booking service to our users" he adds "without any compromise on community experience both on our platform and on Govolo one."

Zucano Technologies focuses on allowing travelers to find new friends (or existing) heading to their same destination. "The value that differentiates Zucano from other travel engines like Expedia or Priceline, is the ability to show who are the people traveling to a specific destination in addition to typical travel details" says one of the funders of the company (disclosed) "and with this latest implementation we have enriched the user experience with the ticket buying option that will lead loyalty to grow even more".

Finally "this partnership will have also a financial value for Zucano that will see its overall turnover grow thanks to the revenue sharing with Govolo/ GO voyages from ticket re-selling. This will be even more significant when we will allow the booking of Vacations, Hotels, Cars, and so on." closes Marco Turchini, Zucano CEO.

Zucano Technologies is a high growth startup based in Milan operating in Social Travel industry. With a patented technology Zucano partners with Airlines, Railways and other travel industry operators to provide Social Travel functionality onto a variety of established services.
In addition it provides own free services to travelers at www.zucano.com.

For further information: media(at)zucano(dot)com.

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