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Zimmerman Partners' to Form Strategic Income Fund

HONG KONG -- Zimmerman Partners' today announced they plan to form a Strategic Income Fund.

Zimmerman Partners' Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Walter Lee said: "The fund will seek to provide investors income and total return opportunities through a broadly diversified portfolio of US and foreign fixed income securities. Employing a benchmark-unconstrained approach, the Fund's portfolio managers have flexibility to invest in their best ideas across all fixed income sectors, helping investors navigate today's increasingly complex economic environment".

Zimmerman Partners' Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Hugh Chen said: "Today's fixed income investment landscape is defined by uncertainty surrounding interest rates, inflation and fiscal imbalance. This makes credit selection more important than ever, and creates new opportunities. To help investors achieve potentially stronger total returns in this environment, the Strategic Income Fund can provide access to a broad set of investment options across global fixed income markets irrespective of country, currency, quality or duration".

Zimmerman Partners' Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Frank Peters also stated, "The Strategic Income Fund seeks to uncover global investment opportunities through a balanced approach to current yield and total return potential without being tethered to a benchmark or a style box. The portfolio managers have more flexibility to adjust sector allocations to provide attractive return potential and better manage overall portfolio risk".

Zimmerman Partners' is a Hong Kong based independent investment advisory firm. Zimmerman Partners' advisors have over 250 years of combined experience in managing the investments of institutional clients and high net worth individuals. We have a diverse base of clients which includes fund managers, sovereign wealth funds, professional investors, charitable foundations, retirees, families and family trusts, business professionals, lawyers, doctors and entertainment professionals.

Zimmerman Partners' was founded in 1982 by Art Zimmerman in Hong Kong as A.L. Zimmerman & Co., and has grown become a powerhouse of the Asian investment arena, with branch offices in Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul. Zimmerman Partners' has expanded our operations globally to include clients from Europe, Middle-East and the Americas to enable both institutions and private clients to access to thoroughly researched investment vehicles and achieve an above average return on their invested capital.

In 2009 Art Zimmerman retired as Executive Chairman and the firm was renamed Zimmerman Partners' to reflect its broader ownership and leadership, and has been successfully lead since by our Chief Executive Officer, Walter Lee, Chief Operations Officer Frank Peters and Chief Investment Officer Hugh Chen, while our founder Art Zimmerman remains on the board as Non-Executive Chairman of Zimmerman Partners'.

Our clients need range from aggressive growth to more conservative income seekers and those with a more wealth preservation orientation. It depends on each client's specific requirements, risk tolerance and life circumstances. Zimmerman Partners' is renowned for our outstanding personal service levels, our active asset management, perceptive guidance and our critical analysis.

Zimmerman Partners' is an active manager of portfolios and utilizes distinct strategies for income generation, growth and balanced objectives, which are then customized to each specific client needs. Zimmerman Partners' invests into individual stocks, market sectors, funds and bonds, combining calculated risk with a wider market diversification.

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