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Zhai Healthcare Supports Sally Cheshire's Claim That IVF Treatment Cannot Be Relied Upon Later In Life

Zhai Healthcare is endorsing Sally Cheshire's recent statements regarding the uncertainty prevalent in IVF treatments for women in their 30's and 40's

Although recent innovations in fertility science and research have helped many women conceive children who may have previously been unable to do so, the situation may not be as optimistic as we have previously been led to believe. New research has shed light on the true nature of IVF and the potential for a rewarding pregnancy. Although IVF treatments remain a viable option for many women seeking to become pregnant, new information has added a somewhat sobering perspective to this cutting-edge scientific practice.

Sally Cheshire, official chairwoman of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, has expressed her concerns over increasing reliance on IVF treatments for women who have delayed pregnancy well beyond their 20's. Although Cheshire does acknowledge that these treatments can result in positive outcomes for many women, she was also quoted as saying, "Whilst we cannot make decisions for individuals about the time at which they have children, we could educate [women] more about the fact that, after 35, your fertility declines."

According to a recent study, only 25% of IVF treatment programs are actually successful. As women progress beyond the age of 35, these odds continue to decrease, with women over the age of 40 having anywhere between a 5%-13% success rate. It has long been common knowledge that fertility rates are curbed dramatically as women leave their 30's, but this new information illuminating the infeasibility of IVF treatments for women of the same age may lead to some surprise.

Dr. Zhai, owner of London's acclaimed Zhai Healthcare Clinic, has come out in support of Cheshire's sentiments, stating, " We understand that there are a lot of women today who pursue careers early in their life, leaving any plans of having children and fertility in general out of the equation until their mid to late thirties and even in their forties. At this point, however, many realise that they're no longer fertile enough to have children. A lot of the women that fall in this category however are comfortable enough to leave this problem to IVF treatments as a means of fertilisation. You simply cannot rely on IVF treatments - you are liable to spend tens of thousands on methods which could ultimately fail. Remember that there are always other ways of increasing your odds of child-birth, and never leave anything up to chance."

Although the science behind IVF treatments will continue to improve, the words of Cheshire and Zhai are resounding prominently throughout the UK.

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