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You Tube is one such video sharing site wherein you can upload your video at no cost. All you have to do is to make an account and upload video about you,

Social media has now become an important tool of sales promotion strategy. It has replaced many expensive tools such as hoardings and canopies. Gone are those days when you the sellers had to distribute free samples to show the effectiveness of the product. Now you can upload a simple video of your product showcasing its features and qualities and your work is done.

You Tube is one such video sharing site wherein you can upload your video at no cost. All you have to do is to make an account and upload video about you, your work place, and your product and services. It has a database of millions of users.

So your work is to make an eye catching video and it will get it viewers through You Tube. The popularity of YouTube has gradually increased in the last few years and is now among the top video search engines.

But you have to keep the following things in mind while making your video:

a) Purpose of making the video should be clear that is which feature of your product you want to showcase through the video.

b) An entertainment quotient should always be there.

c) Your video should have your attached website link as it will facilitate the viewer's search for you.

d) Video length should be short and precise.

e) Attaching relevant keywords to your video is a mandatory step for making the video popular. Keywords should match the idea of your concept and your video should have as much keywords as possible. It helps the viewers to make an easy search for your video.

f) Start with uploading small teasers of your video as it will create a curiosity among viewers and they will wait for your next step.

Sometimes even after including all the points your video goes unnoticed. If the video is watched after a specific time period then it is of no use. Therefore you have to make people notice your video within the time limit. The solution to this problem is to make the use of buy You Tube views. This service enables you to get the number of targeted views on your video. It can make it to the list of "most popular You Tube video". YouTube is the only site where daily more than 200 thousand videos are posted. Out of these 2 million videos only few are able to grab the attention of potential viewers. Once it becomes popular then it will attract more views as people are always curious for popular video. People will view it and share it on other social networking sites.

Your product will get global acknowledgement. Your video may be the next big thing over YouTube. Now you have to sit back and see your product sales booming and growing.

YouTube has become a key player in sales promotion strategies. Promotion using social networking sites proves quite cost-effective than other marketing strategies, therefore every business owner wants to gain benefits of the same. You can also grab the opportunity and see your business growing.

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