YouTube Channel Founder Tests Walkin' the Walk to Practice His Preach on Pragmatic Leadership Qualities in Real Time

ManageNaturally, a new Youtube® Channel will share, in real time, as its founder sets in motion a strategy to establish himself in Brazil, with few contacts, and imperfect language skills, on a shoestring, testing if the pragmatic leadership qualitie, the controversial voice of uncorporate thinking, has launched a new Youtube® channel that will cast out the boring In business, sharing the communication skills, managerial skills and pragmatic leadership qualities needed for creating dynamic entrepreneurial organizations filled with people who love what they do, and do it well.

"The vast majority of entrepreneurs do not work on the Web, or in Hi-Tech. They do all the things that help our lives, from cleaning, to fixing, to treating, to providing us with food." Says Founder, Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE, who calls himself the Uncorporate Consultant. "but their story is rarely featured in blogs online or in the media."

The ManageNaturally Youtube® channel will share a terminally hip, unvarnished view of working as personal development, and a way of living with dignity.

Strongin will share real small business success stories: real people creating wonderfully productive companies on their own terms; entrepreneurs no less innovative than the darlings of the blogosphere and online media, just more down to earth, providing essential goods and services.

"Including my own story, as viewers will share with me as I set in motion my strategy for establishing my business in a new land, where I have few contacts who know my work, a shoestring budget, and workable but hardly fluent language skills." Strongin continued, "I get to do a "Click and Clack" and see if what I have been preaching to others for years about strategy works, and the viewers will get to see it unvarnished, and in real time, an Uncorporate Consulting Reality Show, available to view 24/7, but only if you subscribe HERE now!

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Helping people nurture healthy, well run companies with more and more loyal customers, higher sales and healthy long-term profit, since 1996., a small business blog and website, provides problem solving resources for the entrepreneurial manager and sole proprietor on how to create wildly profitable workplaces people love to work in, through online classes, collaborative groups and other information products.

Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE
Santa Rosa, CA
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