YourSwimBook: the Ultimate Swim Log to Chronicle the Journey toward Achievement of Goals

Considered the best log book available for swimmers, YourSwimBook is a powerful goal setting guide and motivational tool, as well as a place to record results and performances.

When aiming for success in any challenge or task, it is important to set a goal to achieve within a particular timeline. Tracking the entire journey is important to gather strength and motivation from the triumphs recorded, and to highlight the lessons learned in every mistake. The same applies to swimmers who target greatness and success in the sport they are passionate about.

YourSwimBook is the ultimate tool that every passionate swimmer cannot be without. The all-in-one swimming guide works to help individuals set their goal and track their way toward reaching it. Designed for both the weekend warrior swimmer and the international swimming athlete vying for the gold in the Olympics, Your Swim Book is the ultimate must-have for every swimming enthusiast who wants success in the sport.

Detailed at, YourSwimBook is an actual physical paper product - it is not software or a flimsy spreadsheet or an app. The swim log book is priced only $39, with discounts offered for group and team orders. Custom branding for a team, organization or camp is also offered at no additional charge.

Offering traditional recording of a swimmer's efforts, YourSwimBook is a ten-month log book, a goal-setting paper, a guide for busting up bad habits, a time management assistant, as well as a customized self-check tool with evaluation sheets and pre- and post-competition analysis. Moreover, YourSwimBook has invaluable tips for belief building and to build unstoppable focus.

YourSwimBook is best filled with inputs and observations about daily workouts, so that as many details as possible can be referred to when analyzing results. Generally, the more information filled in, the more that the workout book becomes a precious piece of log book to look back on down the road and to help swimmers zero in on their goals.

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