Your Santa Story Believes The REAL Santa Knows Sign Language And Hard-of-Hearing Families Are Rallying With Excitement

Your Santa Story has Moms rallying with excitement and for hard-of-hearing families it is creating a new memorable family tradition. A tradition that includes delivering a personal video message in sign language from Santa to their children.

Your Santa Story, the season's most exciting new holiday tradition, believes the REAL Santa knows sign language too! In partnership with OurHelix, Your Santa Story is the story parents want Santa to sign for their children on Christmas morning through a custom video message.

The personal signed message uses the children's own names and accomplishments, references their own pets, Santa signs whether he is coming through the front door or their chimney, he compliments them on the special treats they've left out for he or the reindeer, and he finally tells them where they can find their last present. For deaf and hard-of-hearing children and for all families, Your Santa Story makes the "Best morning ever ... even better!"

"I'm squealing over this! It's so exciting! It's so real! It's perfect!" - Nest of Posies

"One of our boys started to loose faith ... but when we watched and heard Santa, he not only lit up, but he regained his faith in Santa. Thank you for that!" -RaisingMy5Sons.com

The positive reviews are flowing in, the excitement is building at an incredible pace, Moms are telling Moms, and new traditions are in the making. Your Santa Story is not the latest Santa video. What makes it different is that there are no fake beards, no green-screens or voiceovers and it can be done in sign language. It's the REAL Santa's message to children the way parents want the story signed.

The beautiful footage of Santa's reindeer stables and his sleigh are backdrop to his personal custom DVD message, made especially for each family. With such care and attention to detail, there are only so many videos that the company can physically record between now and December 21st, so quantities are limited and priced at $29.95 each.

"The response has been greater than we had anticipated for this magical experience and we will likely approach our maximum capacity for the season by the middle of December. So, order early", says co-founder Steve Carroll.

Your Santa Story is seeing a strong response for children who are hard-of-hearing, military families and for Spanish speaking families. At Your Santa Story the REAL Santa does know sign language and also speaks Spanish.

OurHelix, a Chicago-based digital agency has created an easy-to-use online experience at YourSantaStory.com. Visitors will be walked through a quick and guiding form that is used to create the final script. From there they can choose to have their message signed, spoken in Spanish or check if the message is for a military family. The purchaser is able to approve the final script and Santa's message is quickly on its way. Order early to ensure Santa has time to record the message you want signed to your children.

"I was amazed. First of all, this is no Mom and Pop DVD made with a handheld camcorder; this is a beautiful DVD showcasing Santa's stable and even some of the reindeer's.... This is where I was REALLY amazed; he actually talked to my kids ... then went on calling each of my kids by their name and telling them how happy he was with their individual accomplishments. There was no voice-over or dubbing, this was a FULLY customized DVD, made just for my kids. I had tears in my eyes, thinking of how touching the whole thing was and how excited I was to show it to the kids on Christmas morning." - Adventuresof8.com

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Steve Carroll

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