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Your Repairer And Installer Of Home Theater # 1 On The North Shore!

There are now more than 10 years Megtech Industry Inc. has established a department specializing in the field of home theater. With several engineers, technicians and they implement annually over 40 new installations.

Electronics expert, specifically in the audiovisual field, despite their credentials and experience, each specialist is trained first and foremost clean and courteous service. Each of their customers will receive the same excellent work, and so focus.

Adhering to change modern technologies, their professionals are tuned so as to offer you the best products, while distinguishing itself with competitive and professional solutions. You will find with home - cinema- shore which all that you need , consultation equipment to listen comfortable in your couch! Megtech offers services such as: purchasing consulting , purchasing all your equipment, complete or partial installation, video and sound calibration , repair and maintenance of audiovisual equipment and more. The choice of equipment , accessories and software tools is essential, but it is not modest. The entire plan installation and configuration together with your hardware will make the difference with the " simple pleasure " and the " ultimate pleasure ". Further adjustment devices , other important conditions to be considered as coatings of walls and floors , windows and doors, room dimensions , number of windows, furniture, aircraft types etc. .

Due to the delicate economic conditions of recent years, it is important for Industry Megtech to be competitive in terms of costs of production. By cons, reduce burdens should not be synonymous to reduce the quality of its products and abuse. The advantage is that they have the ability to offer under one roof, all integrations complete solutions in home theater.

By entrusting your project to house north shore cinema, many benefits are available to you: direct communication with customers (no intermediaries or subcontractors), significant reduction in rates and charges of abuse, rapid abuse (for a consultation or repair technician is usually available the same day).

The team Megtech Industry Inc. is ready to optimize and adjust all your home theater devices. Whatever the problem and the brand, we're listening. Our interventions are quick for you to enjoy and with the least possible inconvenience to your home theater space.

You miss the Pop-Corn!
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740 Boul. Industriel, Suite 201,
Blainville, Qubec, J7C 3V4
Fax: 514-394-0799

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Megtech Inc.
Megtech Inc.