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Dr. Yasser Elnahas, MD, PHD, Professor of CardioVascular Surgery, developed in response to the deafening clamor for reliable medical information.

While the Internet is a vast world offering massive medical statistics and facts, it can be difficult to filter the accurate data from false information. The confusion and uncertainty can deny every patient credible and real answers to their pressing medical questions.

Providing every patient the answers they need is The website was created with an aim to educate and empower people with correct and truthful knowledge about adopting a healthy lifestyle, preventing diseases, and taking the right approach, management and treatment to their medical condition.

Dr. Yasser Elnahas, MD, PHD, Professor of CardioVascular Surgery, is the medical practitioner behind Dr. Elnahas understands the importance of educating the general public about different disease conditions and simplifying the medical knowledge in an easy-to-understand terminology.

" is born out of the enormous need for reliable medical answers and information which I encountered during my long medical career and the sincere desire to make such information universally available to all who seek practical answers to their medical questions," said Dr. Elnahas, emphasizing that when it comes to one's health, ignorance is certainly not bliss.

Dr. Elnahas explains that aims to provide accurate and comprehensive medical advice from a reliable source to yield a fruitful interaction between a patient and a medical care provider. For visitors to get no less than sound, practical advice regarding the preventive measures they can follow, highly qualified doctors answer the medical questions at

"When you ask your doctor relevant medical questions regarding your condition, the doctor reciprocates with informative medical answers which would promote rapport and trust between the patient and the doctor, which is essential for effective and successful treatment," he emphasized.

With each professional response to the questions, patients have a clearer knowledge and understanding of the critical steps they must take to lead a healthy and comfortable life.

To find out more about the platform for accurate medical information as provided by medical professionals, please visit for information and to post your question.

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