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You Vs The World Enters the Android App World with Fun Games for Kids

You Vs The World introduces educational android apps for kids on Google Play.

The concept of educational gaming has just got more interesting thanks to fun gaming android apps for kids introduced by You vs The World. The app is now available on Google Play. While some games can be played for free on sign up, others have to be purchased.

"There are thousands of apps for children, but none of them are interesting or appealing to children. Our educational apps for kids are designed to be a gleaming needle within this proverbial haystack of digital media," says a spokesperson for the company. The Android version was recently launched and the game's iOS version is all set to be released.

To progress in the game, children have to collect reward coins by successfully overcoming challenges. The app also allows them to build their own profile, create a unique user name, follow friends or invite them to play the game, upload statuses including pictures, and challenge them to a game.

The game has opened to wonderful reviews from gaming sites like That Gaming Blog. It has praised the You vs The World team for 'combining social network and gaming'.

The You vs The World team demonstrates the importance of social skills and influences children positively through gaming. It also simplifies complex theories and uninteresting subjects in Math, Science and Social Studies.

About You vs The World:

You vs The World is a website that offers fun and interactive games for children. Their school program can implemented in schools throughout the world, thanks to their focus on subjects that relevant to all children irrespective of their nationality. The site also offers plenty of other games that can be downloaded as free apps for kids. Children can be taught about the importance of issues such as social skills, resisting the influence of peer pressure, etc. To know more, visit,


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