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Yorkshire Based Worktop Supplier Dazzles Their Customers with One Day Installations

Set In Stone York, one of the UK's best suppliers of quartz worktops, has dazzled their customers with their one-day installation policy. This includes same day delivery

Set In Stone York, a leading worktop supply company is making their customers happy with their one-day installation policy. This includes items that are bought with same day delivery.

Their customers are indicating their happiness by giving them positive reviews on their website. One customer indicated that they ordered the granite on the same day that they were delivered and then cut and installed. This is a positive for any customers who use them for their worktop needs.

Another customer commented that the lads who installed the granite were a pleasure to have in their home and they conducted themselves with professionalism and pride. The company should be proud of them.

All of their customers indicate that the main reason they will be recommending the company to all of their friends is because of the same day installation. This is something that the company should be very proud of.

Set In Stone York supply granite and quartz worktops to be used in kitchens, but they also have bathroom suites available as well. They are a family run company and they are very good competitors in the field were chain stores are able to mass-produce suites. If customers want a more personal service, then this company is brilliant.

A company spokesperson added, "As a company, we pride ourselves in offering the best service for our customers. This means that we want to install their worktops in one day. We realize this is extremely fast but this is what our customers want. All of our staff members work hard during installation and they should be congratulated for the speed and quality that they are able to achieve."

Set In Stone York are always busy because they offer such high quality and excellent value for money. They have also provided worktops for some high profile customers, which have attracted the attention of even more customers.

They are working hard on their installation process and they are focused on forming new partnerships with other granite suppliers. For some materials, they are the sole supplier of, in the UK. This makes them extremely popular.

All of their staff have enjoyed time off for Christmas, but now they are looking forward to getting back to work and helping more clients with their work top needs throughout the coming year.

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