Yemin Orde Youth Village Names New Director

Friends of Yemin Orde has announced that Shmuli Bing, who served four years as Yemin Orde's popular high school principal, will assume the Village's top leadership position, effective immediately.

Friends of Yemin Orde has announced that Shmuli Bing, will become the new Director of Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel, effective immediately. Bing, who served four years as Yemin Orde's high school principal and has extensive experience in education management, takes over from Benny Fisher. Fisher resigned his position in January 2014 to become Israel's top ranking government official for the Ministry of Education's Rural Education and Youth Aliyah division. Bing's appointment was announced by Adina Hagege, Chair, Yemin Orde Youth Village. Friends of Yemin Orde is the U.S. fundraising arm of Yemin Orde Youth Village and Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives. The Village is home, safe haven and school to some 400 at-risk and immigrant children from around the world; the Initiatives expands Yemin Orde's methodology, called the Village Way, to other youth villages and schools throughout Israel. Visit for information on the Village and YOEI or call 202.237.0286.

Bing came to Yemin Orde in 2010 driven by a belief that the Village and its successful educational methodology held significant places in Israeli society, where the tapestry of world Jewry and the ingathering of the Diaspora is brought to life. He believes that the opportunity at Yemin Orde to effect change is tremendous, and the investment in the children of the Village will result in a better society in Israel.

"On behalf of the Board of Friends of Yemin Orde, I am delighted to welcome Shmuli Bing as the Village's new Director," said Charles Gwirtsman, Chair, Friends of Yemin Orde. "Shmuli has been a dynamic, visionary and dedicated educator in the Village's effort to provide a quality educational experience for the kids at Yemin Orde. His demonstrated leadership has created a lasting impact on our high school program, and his ascension to the Director's role provides the necessary continuity for the Village. We are thrilled to continue our work together to provide a home and hope for Israel's at risk youth."

Shmuli has great rapport with the kids at Yemin Orde and his warm, friendly manner reflects a certain comfort and understanding of the fragile emotions and teenage angst of his students. Each morning, he stations himself outside the school to personally greet every child as they begin their day.

"I believe that with my experience and the ongoing teamwork at Yemin Orde, I can continue to meet the existing needs of the Village and add my unique personal touch to strengthen the interpersonal relationships with the children," Bing said. "My vision is to create a common language for all teams in the Village which strengthens the implementation of the Village Way. This provides a language in which adults realize they must be familiar with the children's world, a language in which adults understand their significance as role models in the lives of the children."

Prior to joining Yemin Orde, Bing taught high school in Mevaseret Zion, a community outside Jerusalem. He also launched a nonprofit organization, called "Maagale Tzedek," which monitors the ethical practices of businesses and corporations. He still actively participates in this organization.

Bing received his BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he attended the prestigious Revivim program, a top-level training opportunity for teachers in Jewish Studies. He completed his MA at the Federman School of Public Policy and Government at Hebrew University, as part of a special program for Excellence. During this time, Bing established Ruah Hadash, an organization that unified all the Student Unions in Jerusalem.

Following graduation, Bing taught at the high school level. His classes included philosophy and current events, Bible, and Jewish Thought. He also worked as a consultant on Social Affairs for the Deputy Minister of Welfare.

During his military service with the Israel Defense Force, he served as Company Commander in the Education Corps. Bing and his wife, Batya, have five children and will continue to reside at Yemin Orde.

Yemin Orde Youth Village is seen as a model of excellence by Israel's Ministry of Education for its high quality school program and extra-curricular activities and resources that help hundreds of fragile children. The Educational Initiatives expands Yemin Orde's Village Way methodology to 20 schools and youth villages that have high populations of at-risk children, thereby helping thousands more youth in Israel.


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