XC Spa Fortifies Industry Leadership with New Outdoor Spa and Swim Spa Products

The leading spa tub specialist in the market makes spa an even more relaxing activity with its newest outdoor spa and swim spa products.

Traditionally entailing soaking in a hot spring, spa is known to provide general hydrotherapy with is curative effects depending highly on the heat and the mineral contained in the water. As modern living become even busier than ever before, a spa bathtub is a great alternative for therapy, relaxation and leisure that can be conveniently placed in spots such as a sunhouse, a basement, a swimming pool, a villa and a courtyard, or a bathroom.

XC Spa, the leading spa bathtub specialist in the market makes the modern style of spa an even more relaxing activity with its newest Outdoor Spa and Swim Spa tubs. Recognizing the importance of innovative and multi-functional spa tubs, XC Spa crafted and designed each hot tub model for soaking, relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy at home in the garden or backyard.

The Outdoor Spa 808 features hydrotherapy seating for 5 adults, banks of acupressure jets for a stimulating massage, as well as tranquil water with twin waterfalls and backlit water cascade running off the filtration pump. For individuals feeling stress and tension in their shoulders, the Outdoor Spa 808 is perfect with its neck and shoulder therapy seat, coupled with four massaging jets imbedded within the therapy collar.

On the other hand, the Swim Spa 820 bathtub model stands out with its Hydrotherapy seating that accommodates 7 adults to enjoy an unsurpassed comfort and hydrotherapy experience with banks of acupressure jets incorporate to provide a stimulating massage. As spa essentially promises to be a romantic experience, the Swim Spa allows for anyone to listen to music while soaking their aches and pains away.

XC Spa's new spa bathtubs are high quality products that are very resistant to weathering, warping and scoffing. The company uses only the the best materials and accessories to serve its markets in the United States, Europe and Australia.

To find out more about the Outdoor and Swim Spa tub models, please visit http://www.xcspa.com/ for information.

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