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WTM1 Protects Your Firearms From Being Lost Or Stolen

The WTM1 is a GPS based tracking and locator system designed to track and locate firearms.

The WTM1 is a GPS based tracking and locator system specifically used to track and locate firearms. This could dramatically decrease the dangers posed by criminals with stolen firearms. WTM1 would be the premier product and essential component of a program, company, and service called Arm-Star. WTM1, a GPS tracking chip would be concealed within a handgun or long gun and designed specifically for use the the Arm-Star GPS tracking system. So, when a WTM1 equipped weapon is stolen or lost, the Arm-Star subscriber would use the automated service to accurately and immediately track and locate the stolen weapon, and recover it.

The compact, battery powered GPS tracking chip and transmitter would be concealed securely within the grips of a handgun, or in the stock under the shoulder grip of a rifle. Each chip would be electronically identified with the serial number of the subscriber owned firearm. If that weapon was stolen, or lost, the subscriber or the Arm-Star system would contact the service via cell phone, or on the website to report the theft. The Arm-Star would then activate the relevant GPS chip and transmit the tracking/location to the closest relevant law enforcement agency. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer in the WTMI.

The Patent Pending WTM1 was invented by Chris Cannon, Shane Boyd, and Billy Houston, who also devote time to the Wounded Warriors Project, live in Southern CA, said, "We designed this system one day while cleaning our firearms. We wanted to come up with a way to prevent our firearms from being stolen, and an easy way to locate them if they are stolen"

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