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Worship, Inc. Is Now Available In The Windows Store

Worship, Inc. is the revolutionary new chord chart software designed by musicians for the worship team and is now featured in the Windows Store.

Charthouse Data Management has been actively developing the Worship, Inc. product line and Worship, Inc. Desktop Edition has just passed the app certification in the Windows Store.

Moving Worship, Inc. into the Windows Store allows the desktop app to gain higher exposure to many new users who have recently upgraded or purchased Windows 8 PCs. The Windows Store provides a simple interface to browse and search for software titles and apps. The Windows Store certification gives end-users confidence app has been reviewed by Microsoft. For Charthouse this is a huge benefit because it allows Worship, Inc. to be a searchable software title within the Windows Store, and this opens new avenues for band leaders and worship leader to learn about and download the app.

Worship, Inc. is a complete solution for worship teams, worship departments and band leaders. Worship, Inc. integrates lyric and chord management, projector display, PowerPoint viewer, and music/video presentation in an easy to use interface. Worship, Inc. is a fully networkable ecosystem allowing playlists, songs, chords, and song positions to be dynamically and instantly synchronized between other configured devices with Worship, Inc. installed. This allows the worship leader, band members, vocalists, and the media team to all know the exact song, song position and playlist location.

Worship, Inc. Desktop Edition is available for all desktop versions of Windows 8 (x86, x64 bit versions). Charthouse also has a Windows RT (ARM) version and iPad version that will be available for download next quarter in their respective store fronts. For more information about Worship, Inc. visit To download Worship, Inc. visit on any Windows PC and search for "Worship, Inc." in the Windows Store.

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