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Worried About College? Free 10-Point Plan to College Success Reveals How To Impress Admissions

Successful Education Solutions addresses the primary challenges of college-bound American students and their families with its free step-by-step guide to College Success.

Successful Education Solutions is a trusted team of college planners serving American students and families. Founder and President, Jeffrey Sonnergren leads the SES team in providing guidance and advice to students as they aspire to earn a college degree and accept the challenges that come with it.

Successful Education Solutions understands that taking that step toward freedom from college woes is crucial, but it can also be equally daunting. To jumpstart their college success, SES is offering the free 10-Step Blueprint for College Success that attempts to resolve issues on getting and finishing college education.

"We are trying to deal with the family's primary concerns, which include affordability, college access and then completing in four years," said Sonnengren to how the Successful Education Solutions guide can help.

The free 10-Step Blueprint for College Success is available anyone interested in going to college or sending a family member to earn their degree. The blueprint sheds light on the available resources for tuition and expenses without draining one's bank account. By simply filling out the form on the website, website visitors can download the free step-by-step method to successfully acquire college education.

"Students know that the application process a major determining factor for Admissions," added Sonnengren. "By helping the student look as desirable as possible, we help put him or her in the best possible shape to college success."

In showing how the 10 critical steps in college planning works, Mr. Sonnergren illustrates that SES embraces a simple, yet effective - three phase strategy. The Polishing Phase makes students strong and desirable for college life; the Discovery Phase helps students identify their major and the best-fit college for them; and the Application Process Phase positions students in top shape for college success.

As college planning experts, Successful Education Solutions particularly focuses on college advice. From ACT and SAT Prep Course to College Planning Packages, clients can turn to SES for assistance. SES also gives students access to college grants and scholarships, and guides them throughout the process of getting one. With a college planning service that is proven to work, SES can help clients save up to $100,000 in college education fees.

To find out more about the 10-step college success guide from Successful Education Solutions, please visit for a copy today.

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