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eventsbot brings out the free online event registration software into the market

Free online event registration software is now available to publish the events and make them popular within minutes. Eventsbot has created a global revolution in the arena of events. The software has several cutting edge tools that are useful to the event management company and attendees.

Whether the event is a trade show or an exhibition or a seminar or a corporate conference and meeting, or an award function or musical concert, publishing and hosting it on eventsbot will give prolific results to the events management company.

The director seemed enthusiastic and opined, "We have created a comprehensive interface and a common platform that will help attendees and event managers to interact globally. eventsbot is user-friendly software and can host any type of corporate and public event. The objective behind creating this software was to ensure better management of events and tickets."

With eventsbot, any hassle related to hosting, planning or managing the events gets over. The software engages in streamlined placement of events.

eventsbot also provides events management companies a reliable platform to collect the payments from anywhere in the world. Moreover, attendees can make the payments in few seconds. The payment gateway integrated into eventsbot is secured.


I wanted more attendees to turn up and with this thing in my mind, I tried eventsbot. Since the basic events were free, I was able to use the software without spending even a penny. The software helped me a great deal. The free online event registration software increased attendees and my ROI almost doubled. Since the software is user-friendly, attendees did not find any problem using it. I was happy because my attendees were happy and they were satisfied with the type of services offered by my events management company. Thanks to the eventsbot!

Eventsbot is innovative and free online event registration software offering event management companies free event registration. All the basic events are free to register. Hosting the events online is also easy and there are no problems at all. Irrespective of the nature of event, event managers now have full scale freedom to publish the tickets for live events. The registration for events can take place from anywhere and there is no time constraint of any type. Eventsbot has made events planning quite efficient. Events business is all the more happening and growing, and eventsbot has a role to play in it.


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