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GirouxCues offers a unique product, built quite differently than competitor's cues. Over 100 creative designs are offered by GirouxCues. Our broad target of beginners, amateurs, home owners and semi-pro pool players represent over 80 million

Undeniable best quality, best value pool cues in the billiard industry,
Competitively priced, GirouxCues offers a unique Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Why Are Giroux Cues Pool Cues Different?
Paul Giroux is a pro pool player that started making pool cues in 2002.
It became his passion.
Only with his level of knowledge and expertise as a pool player is he able to build a bullet-proof pool cue that plays like a thousand dollar pool cue, but costs less than two hundred dollars.
Paul is a sole proprietor and tightly control all his designs and execution of his proprietary skills.
Playing since the age of 8 years old, his experience as a pro pool player gives great credibility to his line of pool cues. Every cue is built as if it were being built for his personal use.

Two Lines of GirouxCues
Graphite over Maple cues priced between $149 and $169.
Exotic wood cues priced at $195.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty distinguishes GirouxCues from the competition.
The Lifetime Warranty is offered on ...
Titanium Joint
Black Carbon Ferrule
(Note) each pool cue is built individually with its own shaft, not mass production

Giroux Cues own the patents on the following: Weight System; Cat-eye Grip; Titanium Joint; Warping; Black Carbon Ferrule.
Description of the patent technology:
Weight System: Allows players to easily change from 18oz. to 21oz. with a ΒΌ" Allen Key
Cat-eye Grip: Instantly noticeable as non-slip, but is made with wood, plastic or fiberglass.
Titanium Joint: Light-weight, but strongest on the market - allows me (and any other player) to get a perfect balance.
Warping System: Certainly unique, as not one has failed out of over 15,000 pool cues sold.
Carbon Ferrule: Compressed with over 100 layers, the Ferrule virtually lasts forever.
Tip (no warranty): High quality, 12-layer pig skin - lasts 5 times that of standard tips on other pool cues.
No other billiard company offers a pool cue that is even similar.
GirouxCues is light-years ahead of the competition on price/quality value.

What Giroux Cues Customers Say
Giroux Cues have 100% positive feedback from their customers!
Many repeat customers say they immediately notice that they play better the first time they use their GirouxCues.
All our customers are delighted with our proprietary, attractive designs.
They commonly register their disbelief that they own such a high quality pool cue for such a relatively low price.
They express that our Limited Lifetime Warranty is important to them.

Benefit of buying GirouxCues
Given reasonable care, GirouxCues are built to last a lifetime.
Playability is as good as or better than the best professional brands of pool cues, noting that competitive pricing is much more expensive.
They fit all customers budgets, as their pool cues are very affordable.

After-sale Services
Starting with the Limited Lifetime Warranty, Giroux Cues stay in touch with customers by email to update them on new designs; they request their feedback; and they invite them to share any ideas they may have on aesthetic designs. As a good-will gesture, they provide new replacement tips, if ever a need.

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