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World Cup Fever - Jackets Guy Offering Free Soccer Balls with All Purchases

Jackets Guy is an online store selling high quality leather jackets and biker suits, with designs inspired by famous movies, celebrities, and superheroes. The store is offering a free soccer ball with all purchases as long as the World Cup is going o

Jackets Guy has launched a special offer for its customers and soccer fans. The online leather jacket store is offering a supreme quality soccer ball with all purchases, as long as the FIFA World Cup is going on. So the customers can get their favorite superhero or movie characters jacket, and get a complimentary gift with every order. You will find jackets in various designs inspired by famous movies or characters like Superman, Batman the Dark Knight Jacket, Captain American The winter soldier jacket, X men Days of future past, and the classic designs like Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket or Fight Club. Most of these jacket designs or inspirations are hard to find on local stores or fashion outlets. The best part is that you can order custom size for seamless fitting.

The Jackets Guy specializes in manufacturing special leather jackets for movie or comic fans all over the world. All of these jackets are made of pure leather, while faux leather is also available for people looking for inexpensive alternatives. Same goes for soccer ball that is made of high quality leather with immaculate design and flawless finishing. The soccer ball alone is worth paying for the jacket, as stated by Tim Ralph, the marketing manager for the company. "The prices weren't hiked to compensate for the soccer ball cost; there are no lucky draws, and no competition. We make sure that everybody wins. Anybody who orders between 14th of June to 5th of July will get a soccer ball absolutely free."
Apart from the design and looks, the pure leather jackets are an ideal way to keep you warm in winters. A jacket made of pure leather will last a lifetime and you can wear it anywhere, at work, hanging out with your friends, or going out for shopping, a leather jacket will look decent and stylish at the same time.

About Jackets Guy: Jackets Guy specializes in leather products including, but not limited to leather jackets, leather shoes, leather handbags for ladies, laptop bags made of pure leather, and the likes. Though the online catalog displays only jackets and biker suits, but you can order a laptop bag in the color or design of your liking. The jackets and biker suits are made of pure leather and they come in different colors and designs. You can also get in touch with a specific design in your mind and they will create it for you. Jackets Guy is an online retail store, but businesses can also contact for discounts on bulk orders.

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