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World Beater: Bundles of Desert Adventures Coming Soon on the App Store

World Beater is a running game packed with fun and excitement. The game will be released on the App Store in the coming weeks. Initially, it will be available for iPad and iPhone users.

Jessica Gabriel and Bill Harb have developed World Beater, a challenging game for the iOS platform. This is a unique game that promises endless desert adventures and unmatched speedy thrills.

The game revolves around Captain Camelot - a camel that speeds across the desert to acquire different milestones. In his pursuit, the camel confronts venomous snakes, barbed cacti, desert eagles and quicksand surprises.

The idea of this game dethrones conventional running games. The desert twist in the game gives you a realistic feel of the severity of deserts. The player is challenged to avoid various pitfalls and achieve different milestones. There are different powers suchas wings, genies, etc. that help the player to beat the heat of the desert. As the game progresses, the severity of hurdles and attacks intensify. This further adds to the excitement and provides a heightened game playing experience to the player.

The game also has social media integration, allowing the player to share scores, invite friends and challenge each other.

Jessica Gabriel, one of the developers of this game talks about her reasons for creating the game."People are starving for innovative games, and there are hardly any games echoing similarities of World Beater. This game will mark its presence in the app world, and develop a distinguished identity in the mobile game space."

World Beater will be released on the App Store in the coming weeks. Initially, the release will be limited for iOS platform; however, Android fans will get a chance to grab their share of excitement from this game in the near future. Other versions of the game are already in development.

The creators of World Beater, Jessica Gabriel and Bill Harb, have been exploring unearthed game development possibilities. World Beater is their most modern venture and is expected to bring laurels to their efforts.

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