Working with Small Business Consultants

Every business has some type of procedures and controls in place to produce or sell the company's products or services.

Every business has some type of procedures and controls in place to produce or sell the company's products or services. Some systems work independently within the business; others are integrated working together to produce an overall result. Small business consultants can evaluate how effectively the systems work, identify areas of concern, and offer solutions for elevating efficiency.

A small business consultant after a thorough business review and analysis might also determine that a change in strategy is needed. Small tweaks or major overhauls might be in order to align all elements of a business with its products and services, competition, economic climate, organizational structure, or human capital (employees).

Additionally, Weinberger adds, "Whether addressing a small business' internal strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, or external threats, a small business consultant can address the right issues at the right time putting a small business on the track to success. Some recommendations might require immediate implementation while other recommendations might be more suited for long-term implementation."

Small business owners should rely on individuals who have a demonstrated proficiency in small business consulting; someone who can offer sound advice, guidance, and prudent actions to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge over marketplace rivals. Whether a business is a startup company or an established entity, small business consultants can help owners maneuver through the various organizational life cycles making once insurmountable obstacles into successful achievements.

The purpose of small business consulting recommendations, whether simple or complex, are designed to increase a business' value and profitability through achievable improvements in planning and operations. When a small business owner is ready to beat the competition rather than just meet the competition, a call to a small business consultant just might be the answer.

Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA is the CEO of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC). The AASBC ( offers certifications to individuals who demonstrate a proficiency in small business consulting. The AASBC is a global association providing educational materials and practice aides through a proprietary method specifically designed to enhance small business consulting.

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