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Womens' Health Organisation Shows Cancer Rates Will Rise By 8 Million Per Year In Next 2 Decades

A recent study recently by the Womens' Health Organisation reveals that cancer rates are rising dramatically around the world.

Although medical research and innovation is obviously an integral element of enhancing the quality and duration of life for individuals all around the world, there are moments where our pursuit of knowledge yields sobering results. A recent study released by the Womens' Health Organisation states that cancer rates worldwide will grow by roughly eight-million cases per year over the next two decades, a startling revelation that further emphasises the importance of continued research into this dangerous malady.

According to the most recent World Cancer Report, the most effective strategy for combating cancer is not to defeat" the disease but rather to find new methods of preventing future occurrences. While this initially might appear to be an issue of semantics as opposed to a credible strategy, further exploration proves otherwise. As cancer has been linked to a variety of both internal and external "triggers", it stands to reason that a keen understanding of what exactly catalyses the growth of these illnesses can help future generations make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to ward them off.

It is interesting to note that the cancers most likely to increase in prevalence are those that occur in both low-income and more affluent communities. Cancers that originate with infections, such as cervical cancer, are widely considered to be more prevalent in poorer areas of the world. That being said, the relative luxury offered in more established areas also provides ample fodder for the rise of cancer, due in large part to the use of carcinogenic items such as tobacco, alcohol and processed foods. According to Dr. Christopher Wild, director of the International Agency For Research On Cancer, "More commitment to prevention and early detection is desperately needed in order to complement improved treatments and address the alarming rise in cancer burden globally."

That being said, cancer patients also have numerous opportunities to find community and support following diagnosis, an unfortunate situation that individuals around the world find themselves in on a daily basis. Organisations such as Chantilly Rose, a women's clothing boutique specialising in "post-op" attired for those who have undergone mastectomy treatments, have helped to inspire and develop a product that proves to be immensely beneficial for those who have already undertaken the rigorous path to treatment following breast cancer. A family-run operation, Chantilly Rose has proven to be an effective and valuable addition to a largely unfilled niche within the cancer community.

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