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Women Are Really Starting To Wear Neckties

Women are starting to put fashion trends in neckties now. neckties for women are not obsolete anymore.

Back in the 1970's and 1980's, it was taboo to see women wearing neckties. Neckties were invented for uniforms, schools and police forces. Nowadays, neckties are used in formal wear, casual wear and even people wear neckties with regular clothing. Now things are changing, tastes change and neckties for women is the new thing. Many new generation females are wearing neckties as a fashion statement now. Just to go out, have unique looks, copy fashion trends. Necktie trends change so much that not many people can keep up with what's changing.

If you do your own research on "Women wearing neckties". You'll find that there are many different necktie designs for women. Three neckties combined into one necktie with a complex knot, looks very unique. Different color neckties sewed into one. Women are even crafting pocket book, backpacks, purses, skirts and even underwear out of neckties. The unique patterns neckties present is very appealing and apparently new fashion trends emerge were women actually are selling their designs to companies. Companies are buying them which is the crazy part.

Fashion trends for neckties became popular from famous celebrities such as Diane Keaton. She wore a necktie playing a character in Annie Hall. After that, 1993 was the year neckties became a fashion trend. Avril Lavigne, wore neckties with tank tops when she first emerged into a big pop music celebrity icon. Lots more women are wearing neckties thanks to all the formal, technology companies always coming out. Strict rules on the employee uniform - formal wear.

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