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With Comm.fleet Up To Date In Fleet Management: Prosegur And Manucartur

Prosegur's modern fleet of vehicles is managed with the fleet management software comm.fleet; also the company manucartur optimizes its fleet services with community4you's powerful tool.

The efficient software comm.fleet not only supports professional fleet managers, vehicle owners and full-service leasing companies. The system also contains many features in order to ensure an optimal management, cost reductions or an optimized utilization ratio of vehicles and fleets of all sizes. Whether for cars, trucks, special vehicles, or a mixed fleet: comm.fleet improves the transparency of each fleet of vehicles. Furthermore, the software also provides a variety of interfaces ensuring a smooth integration into the existing IT environment. The German market leader in transportation of cash and valuables, the Prosegur GmbH with 29 offices nationwide, relies on this expertise. Prosegur decided to use comm.fleet to effectively support its complete fleet operations. With this powerful software Prosegur currently manages 1,125 vehicles.

comm.fleet meets our high quality standards in technology, which we request and need as a modern and expanding company, stressed Mr. Lutz Mandler, fleet manager East at Prosegur.

Besides Prosegur also the manucartur GmbH & Co.KG prepares its fleet for future requirements and adaptations with the help of comm.fleet. The company stands for customized fleet solutions, which are ensured by the fleet management software comm.fleet provided by community4you.
The manucartur GmbH & Co.KG, based in Munster is a company for integrated cost and risk management of vehicle fleets of all kinds. The enterprise attends and supports interested companies over the entire life cycle of a car from selecting a vehicle until (re-)selling it - and all of this independent of brand and model. The service provider for fleet management ensures that its business customers can enjoy the ride in their vehicles while on the same time reducing their fleet costs by collaborating with manucartur GmbH & Co.KG. In order to be able to provide those kind of services, the company has decided to use the comm.fleet fleet management software.

Currently manucartur GmbH & Co.KG operates the innovative fleet software comm.fleet especially for the determination of the total operational costs for its corporate customers. For the near future though it is planned to expand the services by the integration of the web-based car configurator - a new product of the comm.fleet product line - as well as the integrated web reporting tool integrated in comm.fleet, explains Mr. Holger Brilhaus, manager of manucartur GmbH & Co. KG

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