Witch In Blood

Witch In Blood Part One: A Past Imperfect

Announcing the publication of Witch in Blood by a new and exciting writer, Lynda Panther

Exceptional new supernatral thriller entitled WITCH IN BLOOD by Lynda Panther is published

ISBN # 9781456771706

About the book:

On the surface, Ffion Harris ia an ordinary woman struggling to make her way in the world. Blue Moon SkinCare ought to sell like hot cakes because it works like...well, magic. Ffion has problems. Beside her on-off-on romance, there are the neighbours. They're dead. But when her cousin has an almost fatal accident and her sister is murdered, she finds herself travelling a path littered with enemies and a feud out of her own history which may force her hand. How can she resolve the dilemmas facing her, and defeat an unknown force which will stop at nothing to steal her magic and see her dead...really dead...

About the Author:

Lynda Panther's first work, Witch in Blood, was originally conceived as a trilogy, but it's gone beyone that.

The second volume of the Chronicles, currently titled Ivory in Ebony, follows the lives of her main characters and introduces others to further test the Harris sisters. Two subsequent books are planned and there may well be a fifth since the characters have taken on a life of their own and frequently leak into her brain. She has a job to keep them on course.

She is also working on a comedy novel, currently titled Infernal Twitter, two (or maybe three, or is it four?)chick-lit books, another magical novel The Bellis Inheritance and has several other ideas that may blossom forth in due course, if she gets the time.

Right now she is concentrating on promoting her first opus and building a garden fence with her husband.

Excerpt from the book:

"'Careful. You don't want it to die. Yet.'

They started piling cushions into the box, pushing some under her, along the sides, by her head, under her legs, until she couldn't move. That was nearly okay. It was the touch of the cold hands that made her cringe. Almost. They were plucking at her, long cold fingers prying and pinching, razor nails against her exposed flesh. Chiming laughter and bitter smiles. If the haulier had any sense, he'd haul his ass out now while they were distracted. Useful or not, if one of them got the notion to play with him, they all would and no mistake. One of them was hovering over her face, smiling that smile, the one that like as not poreceded the sinking in of fangs, when...........

Exactly what happened, she couldn't see. She could hear things. Scuttles, and damp thuds. The white, smiling faces vanished. All at once. One moment there, shiny happy vampire faces, the next - gone. Just like that. Then another face appeared, one she knew. This shiny vampire face was definitely not happy. He gripped her arms and pulled her bodily from the box, holding her close, too close to his body.

'Pleased to see me?'

'Yes, yes. Now get these things off me and let's get out of here.' She lifted her hands, blue and white and purple now. It hurt.
He produced a knife from somewhere, and laid it against her cheek."

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