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Wisie Inc. Launches Fourth Web Site

Wisie, Inc. provides relationship advice and inspirational video content for love and relationships.

Wisie, Inc. announces the launch of its newest web site, www.WisieForRelationships.com, which delivers short, daily motivational video's that focus on relationship advice and relationship communication.

Founded in 2006 by Tom Cramer, and after four years of research and development, Wisie, Inc. offers love advice and relationship tips through its inspirational video content in two categories:

WisieForRelationships.com content:

1) Relationships (relationship tips for all areas of life)
2) Personalized Wisie E-Cards (customized, video greeting cards)

The Relationship Section of the web site presents invaluable, practical guidelines for nurturing the bond of love in relationships of all kinds, including marriage, friendship, and even professional relationships.

And the Personalized Greeting Card Section enables people to send customized greeting cards combined with a motivational video selected from a large library of videos.

The business actually began 30 years ago in the mind of Walter Cramer, Tom Cramer's father. Walter was a high school band director, and made it a practice to teach his students values and character and gave them the ideas around how to have successful lives and great relationships. The kids really responded to his ideas, and Walter began a life long obsession of trying to get Tom to take his ideas to the world.

"I didn't know what to do or how to do it, but my father never stopped pushing me to figure it out" said Tom Cramer describing his 30 year process of wondering how this could be done. He went on to say, "And then 6 years ago it hit me ... we could develop my father's intentions into specialized video content and deliver it on the world wide web".

The company seems to have overcome the largest obstacle that people have in implementing self help and life changing action ... the lack of time. Since each video is about 90 seconds long, the company's motto is, "A Quick Dose of Daily Wisdom" ... and "in less than 5 minutes per day, you can change your life".

Cramer also said, "The original idea was to focus on child development content for kids, which is on another company web site called www.WisieForKids.com. But when people saw what we were doing, they encouraged us to develop self help concepts for every aspect of life, and for people of all ages." Wisie, Inc. other web site properties include:


For more information you can visit, www.WisieForRelationships.com.

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