WiseTREND Selects OCR-IT to Host Its Successful Cloud-Based Document Conversion API and Platform

Power integrator of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and document processing technologies and solutions transfers its cloud-based OCR Web API, code-named "OCR Cloud 2.0", to a new host

WiseTREND (www.wisetrend.com), a power integrator in OCR and document processing technologies, today announced that the company has selected OCR-IT LLC (www.ocr-it.com) to provide ongoing support and distribution of its OCR Cloud API.

"OCR-IT LLC has a proven track record in high-volume document conversion that makes them an ideal choice to bring our OCR Cloud API to an entirely new audience," said Ilya Evdokimov, owner and lead developer for WiseTREND. "We are confident that the API will help enhance OCR-IT's current capabilities as they bring high-volume document conversion to current and future clients."

The OCR Cloud platform ties together several high-quality OCR technologies and cloud-based scalability through a powerful Web API. The API allows developers, regardless of background and experience, to add powerful image and picture cleanup tools and optical character recognition (OCR) in over 50 Latin and Cyrillic languages to their application. The API provides enhanced control over text extraction, and offers a wide selection of input and output formats.

Current OCR Cloud 2.0 API developers that signed up through WiseTREND will gain additional API capabilities in the near future through OCR-IT LLC knowledge banks and enhanced infrastructure. WiseTREND will continue to support OCR-IT LLC in its further work to enhance OCR Cloud 2.0 API capabilities and overall development.

"WiseTREND's main focus is to build cutting-edge document processing solutions and strong partnerships, often at the same time," added Evdokimov. "OCR Cloud 2.0 is a testament and a great example of such a solution. OCR-IT LLC has tremendous knowledge and capabilities that fit closely with OCR Cloud 2.0 goals, making it a natural fit."

Current cloud-based services and developers signed up to those services through OCR Cloud 2.0 will not be affected during this transition. With the next release in coming weeks, OCR-IT and WiseTREND will provide details about new features and upgrades via the website and direct developer communication channels.

For more information or to monitor the progress of OCR-IT OCR Cloud 2.0, or to open a free development account, please visit www.ocr-it.com/ocr-cloud-2-0-api.


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