WiseTrend announces cloud-based Online OCR API Free for Mobile Developers

OCR and document recognition integrator announces new OS-independent Web-based OCR API for image cleanup, text extraction, and conversion of images to useful text formats with special features and no start-up costs for mobile devices.

FREMONT, CALIF. -- WiseTrend, experts in OCR and document processing technologies and solutions, announced the release of its newest cloud-based OCR Web API, code-named "OCR Cloud 2.0". With an ongoing improvement in picture quality of today's mobile cameras, such as in iPhone 4, Droid X and EVO 4G, now is a great time to use these hand-held resources together with this Web OCR API for new and creative apps. The platform ties together world's best high-quality OCR technologies, partners with a powerful Web API management through WebServius, and benefits from years of integration and hosted services experience. The API opens access for Developers with any background to most powerful image and picture cleanup tools, optical character recognition (OCR) in over 180 Latin and Cyrillic languages, enhanced control over text extraction, and a wide selection of output formats. The new Web OCR API is free to sign up and use for development, and low cost to operate in production.

What Web OCR API provides:
OCR Cloud 2.0 provides one of the most powerful set of tools for Web-based OCR and image processing using POST, and includes the following capabilities:
- Operating system and language independence: any Web-enabled device now can utilize OCR through any programming language, most popular being .NET, C#, C++, Java.
- Wide range of supported image formats allows to use the same API for different versatile applications. Standard image formats such as JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIF, PCX, DCX and even PDF are supported.
- Powerful image pre-processing and cleanup options improve image clarity and remove noise and background shades. Images look clearer and produce phenomenal OCR text quality.
- Specialized document analysis and text extraction modes allow developers to fine-tune text results for specific applications, such as business cards, low-quality texts, and text within images.
- A wide range of popular barcode formats is supported.
- Over 180 Latin and Cyrillic OCR languages are supported, including language auto-detection from a group, even if languages are mixed.
- All popular text output formats are supported, such as TXT, RTF, DOC, XLS, PDF, including Unicode and UTF-8/UTF-16 encoding for some formats.

How Web OCR API works:
WiseTrend OCR Cloud 2.0 platform provides access to some of the most powerful OCR capabilities to-date through multiple channels - via API using a POST request, e-mail, FTP or direct media. Developers can sign up for a free development account and start integration into their applications immediately. It takes no more than a few lines of code to start processing images form any Web-enabled computer or mobile device. Full documentation and comprehensive samples are provided. See more information and additional documentation at: www.wisetrend.com/wisetrend_ocr_cloud.shtml.

Historically, high quality OCR has been developed for Windows platform, leaving out other popular operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux, and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, with less superior OCR technologies. WiseTrend OCR Cloud 2.0 erases the boundaries by allowing to run highest quality optical character recognition and accurate text extraction from any Web-enabled platform, making it truly OS-independent. Now every developer can utilize this feature-rich powerful productivity technology for a variety of never-seen-before applications. Several iPhone and Droid applications are now in development for image-based translation and business card processing, with early tests showing excellent results. The mobile phone industry is continually improving its devices in order to meet the demand for improved productivity, convenience, and quality. Now is the time to mesh-up WiseTrend OCR Cloud 2.0 and currently available high-resolution mobile cameras to create ground breaking applications.


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