WISE TIVI LLC, Launches The WISE TIVI (Google TV - Smart TV) Set Top Box With The Power To Turn Any TV Into The Most Powerful 4 Core Processor Smart TV

WISE TIVI, USA The #1 Smart TV + Gaming console company, announced today the launch of one of the most powerful Smart TV + Gaming console system, the most powerful to this day.

WISE TIVI, USA The #1 Smart TV + Gaming console company, announced today the launch of one of the most powerful Smart TV + Gaming console system.

Using the latest version of Google Android 4.2 and 4 core GPU, the unit makes it easy to transform any regular TV with RGB or HDMI socket into the ultimate Smart TV, with a Gaming console and thousands of Google Play apps on board. Netflix and HULU can also be used on the console.. The company has 3 different devices prepared for the market: a Skype version, a portable version and the set top box version.

The most interesting of them is the Skype version, with Skype camera built in and possibility to connect game controllers and play games, priced at just $89 it is leaving competitors far behind. Included for fast browsing of internet, contains Google Chrome with the latest Adobe Flash Player and HTML 5 support.
This unique device, once released on market as a Smart TV and Gaming console, will offer a much richer user experience, completely different than the existing Smart TV systems.
The 4 core GPU offers real time multitasking. You can open a new Facebook account, a new e-mail account, surf the internet on Google Chrome and play any RPG game in the same time.
This fast and easy to use device will give a new meaning to the way you are using your TV.

"Our focus is to offer the most powerful Smart TV solution paired with a Game console that offers new possibilities for the best consumer experience, with a superior Smart TV interface that anyone can add to their existing HDTV," said Andrew Orekhov, WISE TIVI CEO and Founder. ""We combined the powerful features of Google TV™ with an intuitive and easy to use interface, and a very powerful processor unit, all of this in order to allow the use of our device both as a Smart TV and Game console "

The added benefit of Google TV's powerful search feature allows viewers to easily browse websites, hunt for streaming movies or locate their favorite TV shows; and with picture-in-picture technology, it can all be done while simultaneously watching live TV action.

The Skype camera version allows the use of WISE TIVI Smart TV as a Skype conference platform for all family or businesses.
One can call on Skype the grandparents and children will be able to see and talk.

A business can hold a live Skype conference with just the Skype box, a TV and an internet connection.
In addition to various apps such as Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, YouTube® and iHeartRadio, the WISE TIVI also allows easy access to thousands of apps through Google Play, and offers the most comprehensive stream player available today*.

To complement the overall experience, the WISE TIVI includes a universal remote that lets you touch, tap, scroll and drag.
A full QWERTY keyboard helps users search for their favorite entertainment. Plus, its universal feature makes it easy to control the home entertainment devices with one remote.
The wireless game controllers offer the best game experience for you and your children, so they will ask you to play again and again

The WISE TIVI will be available for pre-orders only on wisetivi.com from $59.99, with an introductory free shipping offer, while supplies last.

*High-speed/broadband Internet service and access equipment are required and not provided by WISE TIVI. Additional fees and/or subscriptions may be required for certain content and services.
WISE TIVI makes no warranties, representations, or assurances of any kind as to the content, availability, or functionality of third party content or services.

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