Winner of the Contest "Million into Skillful Hands-2" Explains How to Make 217% in 3 Months at Forex Market

At the end of last year the Second International Contest for Traders "Million into Skillful Hands-2" was over; its winners, like in the first competition, have gained the total of 1 million dollars

At the end of last year the Second International Contest for Traders "Million into Skillful Hands-2" was over; its winners, like in the first competition, have gained the total of 1 million dollars for management on PAMM-accounts of the organizer of the tournament Forex Trend company. The first winner has got 500 000 dollars, the silver medalist - 300 000 dollars, and the bronze medalist - 200 000 dollars.

Results of Largest Contest for Traders Amazed Everyone

Unlike its forerunner, "Million into Skillful Hands-2" has gathered the record number of participants in even more intense and uncompromising struggle. Trading results of top seven contestants are the following graph.

As a result of over 4-month competition between best traders, who can manage big sums of money (the starting deposit amounted to over 10 000 dollars of traders' own means) wisely, rationally, and reasonably, there have been defined three winners, who have overcome their rivals by the level of profitability.

1 place: skalper - profitability 217.80%;

2 place: Ahmedos - 212.23%;

3 place: WestF − 205.46.

Victory of skalper, known for his unstable trade last year, has become unexpected for investors, organizers, and everyone who was watching the contest. For investors find stability the most important feature of a manager. Nevertheless, as promised, Forex Trend (rated among the TOP Forex Brokers Masterforex-V World Academy transferred the prize money into PAMM-accounts of all winners, with no exception. What is more, skalper has won in a fair struggle by trading by his talent, principles, and strategies. As far as we can see, this has paid off.

It is interesting that skalper is already being compared to a famous manager of US hedge funds in 80-90s of the previous century Victor Niederhoffer, who has made history in financial markets as a person that has lost all his money in three days because of his uncontrollable passion to risk. As a result, he has brought the fund to bankruptcy (130 million dollars), but within some time managed to recover and work with big money.

In 2001 Victor Niederhoffer triumphantly returns to the financial Olympus. He agrees to manage over the assets of an offshore fund for institutional investors from Europe and RSA, and in 4 years he increases their size from 2 to 346 million dollars with average profitability amounting to 41%. Within some time Mr. Niederhoffer opens his second hedge fund - for American investors.

To some extent a trader skalper has also lost everything, and then triumphantly returned with his average profitability amounting to 169 percent or more at highest points. Like Victor Niederhoffer, skalper prefers risk that brings high reward, but he has recently become more moderate and careful, which always is attractive to investors. As far as we can see, it has brought immediate results in the form of confident victory in the largest contest for managers "Million into Skillful Hands-2".

Below follows an interview with a trader skalper, where he tells about interesting moments of the contest, vision of his further trade from the point of view safe risk, and much more, not less interesting.

Skalper: "I don't Think Anything May Put me off Stride"

Market Leader: Hello. First of all, let me congratulate you on victory in the largest contest for managers "Million into Skillful Hands-2". The victory has probably been psychologically hard, taking into consideration the record number of participants and particular interest of investors.

Skalper: Hello. After several years of public trade and communication with investors of my accounts, there does not seem to be anything that may put me psychologically off stride. Therefore, participation in the contest was calm, and I find my victory logical.

Market Leader: What did you find harder: feeling tension from rivals or rising above yourself? For it is not a secret that you enjoy risk…

Skalper: I didn't feel any tension from rivals, for trading with your own money in a contest is much easier than managing over a PAMM-account with a big number of investors and communicating with them.

Market Leader: By the way, speaking about risks, in his time a well-known Victor Niederhoffer in three days has lost all his savings and his fund because of his love to risk. However, within some time he managed to return and reach new success in the sphere of asset management. Did you happen to hear that you are being compared to this legendary personality? How relevant do you think such comparison is?

Skalper: There is something in it. Yes, I did have losses, big losses, but its important that there is more success than loss.

Market Leader: As the winner of "Million into Skillful Hands-2" you have got 500 000 dollars into your PAMM-account in Forex Trend company. Will you reduce your trading risks, for you will manage over considerable sums of investors' money?

Skalper: I try to reduce risks, but the strategy will not change drastically. I am an aggressor, and I will follow my strategy. There is no point for a "Formula-1" racer to compete in a "Paris-Dakar" rally, for he will come second or third. So, I don't try to compete with conservatives either; I have my own strategy, and I stick to it.

Market Leader: How unusual did you find participation in a contest on real accounts and with real rather big money?

Skalper: I didn't find it difficult, for I have been trading real money for a long time, and it doesn't matter whether this is a contest or a PAMM-account… I think PAMM is more difficult.

Market Leader: And what has made a trader skalper, known for his love to risk, partake in a contest, where, on the contrary, caution and moderate risk prevail?

Skalper: For me, caution did not prevail; I was following my usual strategy. Otherwise, I wouldn't have won.

Market Leader: Are you planning to use any PAMM index for your accounts?

Skalper: I have not yet made a decision on participation in indexes; I will probably use it for one account if I get an offer. I will make a final decision when I strike a balance on my PAPP-account, which is open at this point.

Market Leader: What can you wish to beginner traders who want to work with big money?

Skalper: I wish all traders to never give up, follow your strategy, and believe in yourself. Then success is inevitable. And I wish investors to study the main points of PAMM-system and currency market, for investor also is a participant of the process, and he is to share responsibility for the result. In such a case, success in investment will be logical.

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