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Wine Glass Charms Help Make Home Entertaining More Fun

As home entertaining has become more popular, more people are learning about and enjoying wine. In a move to make wine a more consistent part of the typical host's entertaining plans, the sales of wine accessories have skyrocketed.

While the bar scene continues to be as popular as ever, the home cocktail party as a way for friends to get together and enjoy each other's company has become a much more appealing option over the last several years. Although driven by cost concerns thanks to the economic instability the country has recently suffered through, there are several secondary factors that have helped make it more popular. As these events become more and more the norm, hosts are looking for ways to keep them fresh and exciting. One of those ways has been the switch from generic cocktail parties to wine-themed events.

"The fact is that everyone grows out of the bar scene at some point," Woodsy Wino president Jennifer Finnell recently said when announcing the new international designers she had hired to create wine glass charms for her company. "Once people have established their circle of friends, the need to be out in a crowded, noisy place loses what charm it had. Now, they want the opportunity to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed environment, and there is no environment more relaxing than their own home. That is why Woodsy Wino was created, to help people enjoy wine in the comfort of their own home."

One such way they have done that is to commission the finest handcrafted wine glass charms on the market. These one-of-a-kind designs have a practical purpose - letting people know which glass of wine is theirs - while also serving as an interesting conversation starter. As wine has become the new "go-to" libation for more and more people, they are looking for ways to incorporate more into their parties, instead of just being another something to drink.

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