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Wine Glass Charms Bring Couples Closer

Part of starting a life together is making two social worlds into one. The easiest way that people are doing that these days, is by hosting accessorized parties in their homes. The newest accessories that people are falling for are wine glass charms.

One of the most important days in a young couple's growing romance is the first Valentine's Day they celebrate - not simply as two people who have recently began dating, but as a couple who knows that each is the right person for the other and that they plan on spending the rest of their lives together. When it comes to finding the right gift for this very special day, there are seemingly endless options available, but the right gift is one that combines the beauty of custom designed hand crafted jewelry with the announcement that these two separate lives are becoming one.

The way that more people are bringing these lives together, instead of endless double dates and dinner parties, is by opening their homes to all of their friends and hosting casual affairs centered on what society experts are calling the "wine lifestyle." Wine has quickly been taken out of the cellar and into the living room, and as more people use wine as the centerpiece of their parties, they are looking for the right wine accessories to help complement wine's new place in their entertaining.

Woodsy Wino has quickly established itself as the go-to place online for all things wine related. Fun and informative, they are the internet's leading source for handcrafted wine glass charms. These charms, custom designed and created, have become every hostess's new best friend as an elegant and playful way for guests to identify their glasses while getting to know new people. For this Valentine's Day, they make the perfect gift to show that special someone that you are ready to open your home to everyone, so that your two worlds can soon grow to be one.

Wine glass charms may be nice, but it is the wine in the glass that makes Jack Terry charming.

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