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Wine Glass Charms Are the Gift with a Purpose

The key to hosting a successful party is to make sure that all the details are taken care of so your guests can enjoy a relaxed and fun time. Eliminating any possibility of social awkwardness is part of that responsibility. So, use wine glass charms.

Part of a host's responsibilities is to be sure that there is as little social awkwardness as possible. You want to be sure that, if two of your guests don't always get along, they spend as little time in each other's presence as possible. If there is a guest who is notoriously shy, or new to the area, you will try to make sure they feel welcome. Above all, you want to make sure that no one makes a social faux pas of drinking out of someone else's wine glass. That is why you need wine glass charms.

"Everyone has a story of taking a sip from a glass before realizing that it wasn't their glass," Woodsy Wino President and CEO Jennifer Finnell recently recalled with a laugh. "It was one of the things we talked about when deciding what would be the signature item that separates us from the rest of the websites that are out there. We knew our site itself was unique, but we want to have a product that, when people saw it out at a party, they would be able to know instantly that it was a Woodsy Wino product."

It certainly looks like they made the right decision. Sales figures have been growing at a rate that far exceeded even the most liberal estimates, and Ms. Finnell believes that is because people are buying them for two reasons. Reason one is that they are fun. They are unique and handmade, and the different designs make them collectibles. The second reason is that hosts can use them for the practicality of identification, so people are taking a sip, realizing they picked up the wrong glass, and end up eye-to-eye with the proper glass owner. That is what makes wine glass charms the gift with a purpose.

Jack Terry knows the real purpose of wine glass charms: to remind him to drink more wine.

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