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Williams Commerce Announce Their Research Into Customer Buying

Williams Commerce, a UK based Ecommerce solutions provider, today announced their research into the way customers are buying products.

The way people buy products and services is changing. More and more people are using the internet to get what they want and if your business is not using this to their advantage then they are missing out.

In December 2011 there were 2.26 Billion people using the internet which has increased from 360 million in December 2000. This leaves people with an opportunity to grasp the attention of customers no matter where they are. With that amount of online traffic a business will be able to grow their sales and increase their profit easily.

Williams Commerce believes that every business should have a website so they can use it as a portal to sell their products with potential customers. It will allow you and your business to become more successful through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google logs on average 2 Billion searches per day with roughly 300 Million users so by just having a website online a business can grow into a new community and once again increase its sales.

While a business is online they will be able to make transactions with any customer no matter where they are. Global e-commerce business's such as PayPal allow a business to safely complete transactions for sales, purchases etc. On average PayPal transfer £198 Million a day which proves how popular online business has become and it also shows the potential a business has by entering the online community.

E-commerce is becoming more popular and the growth in this market is going to continue as people opt to get what they need from the comfort of their own home. During the 2011 Christmas period sales online were greater than those on the high street and this will soon be the trend for all sales all year round. This goes back to the fact that if a business is not online and doesn't have a website they are missing out on being much more successful.

An online business can grow virtually without having to grow physically. This is what is so special about the internet. It allows anyone to become a businessman, so for an already established business they can become the leading company in their own market sector.

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