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Wildcat: The Movie "Hard Work, No Excuses"

An Inspiring Young Basketball Team's Story of Both Struggle and Triumph

Some people are born with the odds stacked against them. How they deal with those odds or how they overcome obstacles and deal with hardships can define them for the rest of their lives. Give up or give in?

The Wildcats have been asking themselves such questions for at least the past year-maybe their whole lives. You can hear their answers every week in the roaring sound of sneakers on hardwood, or in their winded breath from 'just one more sprint'. Or in the team's motto and favorite chant: "Hard Work, No Excuses!"

These are the most determined 9-year-old kids you'll ever meet.

Growing up in the inner-city of Norfolk, VA-an almost forgotten recession town with unemployment above the national average-the Wildcats have had to overcome a lot in their short time on earth. Most come from father-less homes and live in the projects. Statistically speaking one in four probably won't graduate from high school.

But when they slip on their jerseys, yellow with a wildcat roaring to life, none of these 4th graders are thinking about their struggles at home or in school. They're focused on one goal: winning. And they're doing so beyond all expectations. After closing out last season with a regional loss to a bitter out-of-state rival, the drive for redemption has never been more pressing. With the help of volunteer coaches, determined to show the kids a life outside the projects, and a community yearning for inspiration, these kids have a shot at winning-not only in basketball but in life.

It's a story for the ages, and with the help of people around the globe it could soon be a story in your local movie theater. "Once people meet the Wildcats and see what they had to overcome to get where they are, they'll be invested in the story and the team," said Anthony Clary, Director and Producer.

Inspiration for a the new year and beyond.

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