Why Timpany's New Location Tenerife Is Perfect for College and University Students

Barcelona-Spain Nowadays, speaking solely English is not enough anymore. That is also why a growing number of students are now learning Spanish, French or German abroad with Timpany Languages.

Barcelona-Spain Nowadays, speaking solely English is not enough anymore. When it comes to job applications and career planning foreign languages, such as Spanish or French, have become increasingly important. Research has shown that foreign language proficiency and cross-cultural competences are one of the most asked skills in job advertisements. Surely, this is due to the globalization in industry markets and worldwide competition for employment. Speaking more than one or two languages is therefore a selection criteria, when it comes to placement and promotion. For instance, many companies ask to demonstrate language skills during the application process, by interviewing in another language or asking for official certificates. That is also why a growing number of students are now learning Spanish, French or German abroad.

Timpany Languages, a study abroad language agency headquartered in Barcelona/Spain, has observed this trend, too. According to them, a rising number of their clients come from the US, UK, and other English speaking countries and wish to travel to Europe to not only expand their horizon, but also learn a foreign language. Especially, Spain is a popular destination for students during semester breaks. "That is why we have added a new location in Spain to our program. Tenerife is a place with good climate all year, breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals and unique food and culture: the perfect place to stay and learn Spanish! You can choose between Tenerife North or South" explains the spokesperson of the company. Timpany has partnered with accredited schools in over 20 countries and offers full agency support without any additional costs. This implies, that original school prices are guaranteed, whilst clients have access to personalized support before, during and after their language course abroad. Additionally, they receive a certificate after having successfully completed their language course. This can be a valuable addition to future application documents and an opportunity for students to stand out from other candidates.

Tenerife has a lot to offer to students. Not only excellent Spanish classes, but also beautiful beaches, surfing, scuba diving and an exciting nightlife that will keep them busy. For career-oriented course takers, also a business language course is a good option to prepare for a future job in an international operating enterprise. FU Tenerife, Timpany's partner school in Tenerife, offers Spanish language courses with a strong focus on high quality teaching. After class students often relax at the beach, as it is located directly next to the school. The combination of Spanish classes in the morning and diverse after-class activities help the students making the most of their stay in Tenerife. You can find more information about the new location and also other destinations on the company's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Linkedin), on its website (Timpany Languages) and by calling directly.

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