Whootin.com Proudly Announces Launch of Their Social Platform

Social media company, Whootin, announces launch of their new social sharing platform.

Whootin.com combines social networking, microblogging and file sharing on one consolidated and easy to use platform. By leveraging the sharing and social media foundation, Whootin.com has developed an extensive list of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

APIs can be easily integrated with mobile applications, allowing developers to create additional tools and features for users utilizing Whootin's platform. Whootin has been designed to operate seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to sign up or login with their existing Twitter or Facebook credentials. In addition, Whootin users can easily share Whoots and files to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing file sharing to be extremely social.

Despite the social aspect and exciting API application of Whootin, the basis of Whootin.com revolves around the file sharing ability. It's the perfect place to easily share videos, photos, songs, coupons, documents and much more.

Co-founder Roger Lichfield is extremely excited about the opportunities Whootin provides for social media sharing but there's more motivation behind the scenes. He explains; "Whootin was developed for easy file sharing and social networking, however our background is in mobile apps. We developed Whootin and its API to give mobile developers and web programmers the ability to create their own unique social networks, using Whootin as the foundation of their applications".

With a free 2GB of storage and up to 100GB available per account, Whootin is file sharing gone large and social. The API application of Whootin is both innovating and set to provide opportunities for developers and users like nothing before.

To learn more about the services and products of Whootin.com please visit http://Whootin.com for more information.

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