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Who Needs a Radio Coach? Many Transform into Confident, Knowledgeable Interview Guests.

People Desire To Be On Radio For The Marketing, Promotion and the PR Of Their Work, Their Business, Their Books, Their Art Of Music. This Teleseminar Delivers The Goods.

It is not exceptional for authors and business leaders to be asked to do radio interviews. Authors will often seek interviews when a new book is being published. Business leaders, including small local business owners, will often do radio interviews when there is news to be announced about their businesses or their products and services. In both cases, it is always best to be prepared.

Who Needs a Radio Coach? Transform into a Confident, Knowledgeable Radio Interview Guest: Are you getting the results you want? Are you booking radio shows? Do you get your message across or get asked back to shows? Every personality type can be amazing on radio - the secret is how. Promote your business, book, product and personality successfully on air. Overcome all fear and concerns so your outcome is an easy, unique you on the air waves. Are you an expert? Know how to present your niche? Be relaxed while interviewed on radio. What to prepare to be a guest. How to find best radio shows for your niche. How to set up your web site. What package to give the radio production team.

If You're Ready to play a big game and sign up immediately to easily get everything needed to start booking radio interviews, Sign Up for the 3-Part Teleseminar now: http://www.deborahdachinger.com/3-proven-secrets/ (receive bonuses throughout the series) All Welcome: Advanced Interviewers or Beginners. Preview Call: Sunday, January 12 at 12 PM PT. Register: http://www.deborahdachinger.com/3-proven-secrets-preview/ and learn how to be exquisite while interviewed.

Although radio interviews might seem like a scary experience for many, they really are quite straightforward once you know how to tackle them effectively. And because radio publicity is worth its weight in gold, it's important you learn the basics of giving a successful radio interview, that's whether it's live or pre-recorded. Here are 10 tips to help you to succeed: Find out the location where the interview is going to take place. Will it be in the studio or on the telephone? Is the radio interview live or pre-recorded? Do some research about the interview and your audience? Consider whether anyone else will be participating in the interview. Stick to a few main points that are key.
In addition, avoid nervous habits like 'ums' and 'ahs'. Keep a glass of water to hand and don't shuffle any paperwork. Be yourself, friendly and open. Don't lose your temper or sound defensive. Relax and enjoy yourself.

Remember, the more you do something, the less uncomfortable you will be with doing it. Don't be afraid to interject some clean humor. Also include stories that directly relate to the audience. It's important that you give them ways that they can internalize what you are saying so they can apply it to themselves.

So many people desire to be on radio for the marketing, promotion and PR of their work, their business, their books, their art of music, for so many reasons. Yet most do not know how to get booked on big radio shows nor do they know how to create the results they desire.

Debbi Dachinger is a radio expert who is teaching teleseminars to get participants in the know of everything necessary to start being interviewed on radio, and be exquisite while on air. For more information: http://www.deborahdachinger.com/3-proven-secrets/
Join award-winning, syndicated host and producer, Debbi Dachinger. Dare to Dream radio is featured in news sources around the world. Dachinger is an International bestselling author of two books, keynote speaker, goal achievement expert and media personality. Dare to Dream radio airs live on the 66 networks.

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