Which Schools Of Your Neighborhood Aim High?

It isn't hard to notice that Internet has recently revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives. With the arrival of EduExpress service, education is about to be given its fair share of focus.

EduExpress is an innovative resource dedicated to the English schooling system. The website's extensive database and use-friendly layout is what can lead EduExpress on its path to success in becoming England's most sought-after tool for all parents concerned about the education of their children.

What is truly amazing about the service is its visual simplicity. When designing the website, the creators of took extra care to provide data in a most welcoming and intelligible form: "We wanted an average Internet user to have a pleasant experience browsing through our website. After all, who has the time to compile and examine heaps of information on their own?" At EduExpress all essential data on English schools can be found in one place, already analyzed and represented in graphs and diagrams. What exactly does EduExpress share with its users? Read on to find out.

All schools that figure in the website's comprehensive database are categorized by location, facilitating the search for a perfect school to include exclusively those located in the vicinity. For instance, for Spalding in Lincolnshire, EduExpress will show 37 primary schools, 11 secondary schools and 7 high schools. After choosing a specific school, say Gosberton House School, the website will generate an insightful profile featuring both current and historical data. At the very top of every page a selection of basic data can be found, such as the school's reference number, its address, website or the name of its headmaster, all complimented by an interactive map showing the exact location of the school. Scrolling down, a variety of data can be accessed, starting from the enrollment figures divided by gender, the school's census statistics, the teacher-student ratio and the school's performance on key level tests, both general and split into subjects. It's the last thing on this list that can be of great help to any parent who want their children to receive the best education possible.

Moreover, it has at its disposal a whole chunk of the report that deals with the school's spending. From this detailed chart users can learn what are the average costs of teaching a student, the number of the school's total income, its catering expenses or its spending for learning resources. This part can actually reveal a lot about the school since the users are shown what are its financial concerns and what could be its future development. Showing all data in a broad perspective by comparing all figures with the regional and national average, EduExpress is soon bound to become the ultimate one-stop website for all parents wanting to choose the best schools for their children.

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