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Where Are the Opportunities Next Year in the Machinery and Equipment Industry?

Since next year 's overall performance machinery industry fell , data from the third quarter results improved significantly year on year .

Since next year 's overall performance machinery industry fell , data from the third quarter results improved significantly year on year . 2014 remained stable macro- economic structure gradually adjusted downward trend of fixed asset investment growth in fixed asset investment growth fell in the background, the whole machinery industry demand is expected to remain steady , the industry as a whole is difficult to have much highlights, industry is still a structural investment opportunities based.

Investment Highlights :

Strong periodic sub-sectors in the bottom area, but the lack of upward driving factors: strong cycle construction machinery, heavy metallurgical equipment , machinery and other traditional mechanical Although coal price fell sharply, but still can not see the driver of the industry up , we still judge in 2014 to stage -based trading opportunities .

Plate and high -quality growth stocks boom still opportunity : high-quality growth stocks rose after 2013 have a higher overall valuation level , but for growth stocks , the earnings growth trend of price is more important than the valuation levels, we are still optimistic sustained business growth with high-quality growth stocks. These high-quality growth stocks are mainly concentrated in the oil and gas equipment, intelligent equipment, energy saving equipment and other sectors .

Oil and Gas Equipment : In the natural gas boom , driven by high industrial chain and increase exploitation of unconventional gas is the trend , oil and gas equipment will be a continuing investment opportunities.

We recommend: Jerry shares of mining equipment competitive enterprises , cultivating the whole industry chain of LNG rich Reiter installed .

Intelligent Equipment: industry high boom , industry growth and cost savings logic that improve product quality , the industry is still great room , with continued investment opportunities.

Technology-intensive features intelligent equipment industry , the company has a background in research institutes and universities will undoubtedly have inherent advantages. Also recommended adequate attention to cash in their professional fields cut by the robotics industry chain in order to achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional equipment business.

Shipbuilding industry : demand pick up, orders lows has passed, or low performance in 2014 , as a whole shipbuilding industry fundamentals worst is over.

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