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Often considered a simple and non-serious condition, stomach pain is mostly shrugged off as a minor ailment that requires common treatments. People are used to simply popping antibiotics and over-the-counter pills to combat the pain. In many cases, however, pain in the tummy requires more than just the attention it often gets from sufferers. As with any other sickness, stomach pain symptoms that are ignored and left untreated can escalate into a more serious condition or even turn out to be fatal. is dedicated to providing a wealth of information about stomach flu. The website provides a clearer view on the symptoms to watch out for, as well as the treatments and the home remedies available. notes that stomach flu - or gastric flu - is a lesser known but equally uncomfortable condition that is clinically termed gastroenteritis. It is essentially an inflammation of the stomach and small intestine, or the gastrointestinal tract. A common disease that can be easily contracted when living in urban, largely-populated areas and developing countries, stomach flu affects both children and adults, and can be either acute or chronic. notes that gastroenteritis can disappear by itself in a couple of days for adults. Children and the elderly usually suffer from the condition for a week before recovering from it. The severity of the disease essentially depends on the immune system and its ability to fight the infection.

Detailing treatments for stomach flu, recommends a diet that includes drinking a large quantity of water, as rehydration plays an important role in the treatment of the infection. Avoidance of heavy, spicy, salty or sweet foods - as well as eating light vegetables-based meals instead - also works. warns that in some cases, more serious symptoms show and worsen in days. The sufferer may start to vomit blood, be heavily dehydrated, have a high body temperature of over 101 degrees F, become fatigued with swollen abdominal. When such symptoms occur, medical help is necessary.

According to, some medication may be given to suspend vomiting caused by stomach flu, but antibiotics and anti-diarrheal medicine are not among them. For particularly severe cases, some antibiotics may be prescribed.

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