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Heavyweight Graphic Designs continuously adds value by providing objective and innovative designs that defy convention, evaluate risks, and communication processes.

Fatherhood, failures, successes, and at last - Graphic Design has caused me to reexamine my role as a citizen. These experiences have shown me the true value and meaning of hard work, as well as being made aware of the power of choice. I've christened myself a "Heavyweight" of Graphic Design, because like a heavyweight, my designs pack a mean punch. They hit hard. They are spirited and ruthlessly engaging, perhaps, even romantic. Yet, there is weight to these designs. There is a pulse and soul.

Here's my philosophy: as far as I'm concerned, we're all heavyweights. If you've made it this far in life, perhaps, you've gotten through some unforeseen events that have rocked you to your core, you're a heavyweight. If you're still standing, then you're a heavyweight. If the painful lessons of trial and error have equipped you with an awareness of your own mortality, then you're a heavyweight. My name is Paul Bennings and I come from the bottom. Because of Graphic Design, I've come to embrace and endure the beauty in struggle even more. Milton Glaser once rewrote a document called "What A Designer Ought To Be". I feel it is only fitting that I put my spin on it.

What This Designer Will Be:

"I will be bold in all sure things, and fearful in dangerous things; I will avoid all faulty treatments and practices. I will be gracious to the client and considerate to my associates. I will be modest, dignified, gentle, and merciful. I will not be an extortionist for money; but rather let my reward be according to my work, to the work I create for my clients, to the demand for outstanding designs, and to my own dignity."

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Paul Bennings
Heavyweight Graphic Designer

Heavyweight Graphic Designer
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