What's the Future for Chris Paul and Vinny Del Negro with the Los Angeles Clippers?

The biggest concern for almost any fan of the team right now should be what happens with Chris Paul? Will he stay in LA?

After a regular season full of success and new records and a Playoff series that ended too soon for the Los Angeles Clippers, a new period of changes and questions begins. The biggest concern for almost any fan of the team right now should be what happens with Chris Paul? Will he stay in LA? In addition, who will coach the team next season? Will the Clippers seek for an upgrade from Vinny Del Negro?

After the huge movement to the City of Angels, CP3 was welcomed with fireworks in the team. He was supposed to lead LA and combine with Blake Griffin to take the team to the next level. Too long have the fans waited to see their favorite team be in a winning position, ready to compete for a ring. Of course Paul delivered. He instantly became the general on the floor, performing in an All-Star level every night. Despite the drop in some aspects of his statistics, in general, he had a superb season. He is owed a great portion of the team's success.

However, after the early exit from the Playoffs, it might have become a bit harder to keep Paul with the team during this offseason. His contract expires this summer and he has all the rights to hit the free agency and explore his options. He will be an unrestricted free agent. The Clippers will be able to max him out in their effort to keep him in LA. However, after the disappointing postseason performance of the team, the six-time All-Star point guard could think twice if the Clippers is the best team for him for the next seasons. After all, there were a bunch of serious predators for his talents the last time he was available. Can the Clippers persuade him to stay and lead them to another Playoff run? Possibly with a few tweaks and additions that could make the team more powerful?

That leads to the next question, which is no other than what LA will do with the case of Vinny Del Negro? The Coach was heavily criticized about his team management throughout the season. He was accused about having no offensive plan and relying too much on Paul's creativity. There were many times that critics talked about his poor rotations and timings, too.

There is a great connection between Chris Paul's and Del Negro's future with the team. The coach option could be one other means of persuading Paul to resign with the Clippers. That's the reason why his thoughts on the coach choice could easily change Del Negro's job status for the next season.
If the Clippers don't take a step back, they'll have to make a strong push to keep Chris Paul. That should be their top priority at the moment. If they succeed on that, they will have all the time and means to build around him and also Blake Griffin. They do have some great role players, like Barnes, Crawford and Bledsoe (who is considered to be as the number one trade chip for LA). Staying close to the Championship chase should be as simple as retaining Paul in the roster.

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