What Rock Stars, Pop Icons and Designers Have In Common?

Fashion Festivals World Tour Unveiled! Today, rock stars and pop icons are not the only one who will be out touring and doing a series of shows, designer too!

World Fashion Tour Ltd. believes that Fashion is the international language. Get ready to witness premiere fashion shows and exhibitions from designers around the globe. Be amazed with the outstanding and creative collections presented by designers who love travelling and fashion. WFT will travel from country to country discovering different cultures and beauties while it showcases the different elements of fashion. It couldn't get any better!

"The World Fashion Tour has been created through sheer admiration, determination and passion for Travel, International Fashion and International culture. The World Fashion Tour platform is designed to capture creativeness in different parts of the world", according to Ms. Azra Mansha, Managing Director of World Fashion Tour.

The World Fashion Tour provides a new exciting and creative platform to inspire future generations of all ages and backgrounds. It aims to travel to different cities each year presenting each place with one of its unique festival platform and its agenda is to showcase different aspects of fashion from different areas around the World, whilst building international trade relations.

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About World Fashion Tour Ltd.
World Fashion Tour organizes International Fashion Festivals program in different cities every year to develop the cultural aspects of people's lives and to provide a fully international trade platform including the international runway. These annual festivals provide the finest designers and products the industry has to offer. This is a private held company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Visit

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