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What Is Minimalist Web Design?

Minimalism has been around for many years and is now back as a conceptual idea for web design. Building a simple and elegant website will help a company stand apart from the rest and allow users to get important information without extra clutter.

Minimalism, the idea of exposing an identity by eliminating all non-essential elements, was first conceptualized in the U.S. throughout the 60s and 70s. More recently, minimalism has made its way back to the mainstream and is now incorporated online through web design.
Minimalist web design presents the message or content of a website using only items essential to fulfilling the site's purpose. Without extra clutter, the message, in its most basic form, is allowed to shine through. This could mean that a website has only contact information, or only product information, allowing the basic purpose of the site to stand out, rather than be surrounded with clutter.

The reason minimalism has become popular again is because the attention span of the average Internet user has shortened. Most website visitors don't read an entire page. They scan for information they need and discard the rest. It's all too easy to lose the pertinent information needed. Users want specific information quickly, without extraneous elements that slow down response or load times.

This is especially true for mobile users. When scanning a website on a smartphone, users don't want to have to zoom in and search for the information they need, or they'll ultimately just leave the page. Creating a simple layout with the pertinent information will help users interact with the company.

Starting with the basic content, whether it is a brand, a call to action or a slogan, and then building in only the essential items needed to accomplish the page's goal, it is possible to create a simple, yet effective, minimalist website. However, balance and coordination are needed to ensure that usability is not hindered by the lack of elements that simplify the user experience.

Designing a minimalist website is something that will benefit a company for many years to come. It's easy to add things onto a simple web design, and it's even easier to update a simple web design.

Interested in building a minimal website? Contact Raster Media for help. They understand the internet because they work on the internet, and have helped brands like Babbleon, Vegas.com and the Western Veterinary Conference.

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