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What Could You Achieve If Your Employees Were Passionate About Driving Business Outcomes?

New Book Situational Engagement Can Help You Re-Imagine Work to Energize Your Employees and Drive Results

"The business case behind Situational Engagement seems clear. Active disengagement is hurting your bottom line. The lack of employee engagement is preventing you from innovating, growing, and moving forward."

Situational Engagement is a leadership book that provides an innovative approach to understanding and improving employee engagement resulting in increased productivity, innovation, and achievement of business results and outcomes. Dr. Turner and Mr. Hite use their extensive knowledge and experience to depict the problems modern organizational structures are causing for individuals such as misaligned long-term goals, difficulty in balancing personal life with workplace demands.

Situational Engagement uses a series of fictional case studies to illustrate both the problems of employee disengagement and the practical solutions suggested by the authors. The use of case studies quickly draws the reader in to each chapter while the reflection activities at the end of each chapter ensure that the book has practical application in any workplace. The solution is made up of a series of components that can be used independently or collectively to rethink organization design, work design and talent management. The book was written for leaders, supervisors, HR professionals, consultants and employees who are currently seeking solutions to improve employee engagement.

Dr. Turner and Mr. Hite are organizational consultants with extensive experience both inside and consulting to organizations, leadership teams, HR teams, and Leaders. Their approach considers both individual and business needs to develop practical and efficient solutions that quickly deliver tangible and measurable results. To learn more about their consulting practices please go to or

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