What Are The Causes Of Autism?

A multifarious ailment that afflicts and is often discovered in early childhood is Autism.

For some reason, there seems to be a disturbing uptrend with children who doctors believe have autism, or one of the several forms of it. For decades now, medical researchers have been trying to unravel the reasons for autism, and while they have discovered significant amounts of knowledge they still don't know why it happens, or what to do about it to affect a genuine cure. Yet, there are known possible reasons that are attributed as contributing to autism.

One possible cause of autism is parental stress, especially in the mother. While they are still working on proving this, the argument is that prenatal stress can have a devastating effect in the brain of an unborn child, which in some cases leads to autism. This can involve many stress factors, such as families not getting along, hard economic times and a number of other mental problems that the parents are dealing with.

While there are chances that prenatal stress could be a contributing reason that autism occurs, very few scientists think this it is the only cause. Hitherto, a kid who is genetically predisposed to autism is possibly more likely to have autism develop it if the family life is worrisome and if the mother is undergoing some emotional stress while being pregnant.

There are some individuals who have a belief that autism is produced by electromagnetic fields (EMF). The pervasiveness of EMFs is quite recent, which could lead to the explanation of the apparent rise in autism over the past 30 years.

EMFs happen because of cell phones, electrical outlets, and Wi-Fi, among other factors. Any adverse effects that have been produced by EMFs, if any, have not really been noted very well. At this point, the idea that EMFs are a contributing factor of autism is still under scrutiny, although it is something that should be looked at more closely. A lot of the technology we rely upon today is fairly new, and even scientists have not had enough time to study all the different ways it could be harming us.

Why is it not surprising that mainstream AMA medical establishment has been battling with the alternative medicine world about autism. The mainstream view of autism tends to be that it's mainly a genetic condition, while the alternative view usually blames factors such as environmental toxins, vaccines and poor nutrition. But who knows (nobody), and there could be a combination of both being correct. So since there is this raging debate going on, people are left to do the best they can. It's highly likely that something completely unknown to both spheres of medicine is the real key to unraveling the mystery.

When it comes to recognizing the determinants of autism, we still have a long journey before any concrete evidence is found. It is likely that the factors we've been discussing in this article play a part in autism, but not necessarily in all cases. Autism is a disorder that affects each individual in a unique way. Furthermore, there are probably countless antecedents of this disease.

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