Westbaytours Is Organising a Boat Trip to Cayos Cochinos This Coming Wednesday on the 18th of September

The boat trip includes 2 snorkel stops in the Marine Park, fresh fish lunch with the villagers and open bar.

Cayos Cochinos is an ecological wonder of the world. Though it is a part of the Bay Islands and also closer to the coast than Roatan and Guanaja, the cays are the hardest to reach. Cayos Cachinos is only reachable by boat and is made up of 13 tiny coral cays and two large island (Cayos Menor and Cayo Grande).

Cayos Cochinos contains the Garifuna Village of Chachahuate which was originated in the 1800s when a slave ship crashed on the island. Today there are 100 villagers who live in huts, speak an African dialect and survive of rain water and fresh fish they catch. The village will be the highlight of your trip!

Cayos Cochinos is a Marine Protected Area which extend 8 km in all directions. It is off limits to commercial divers and fishermen. Laws prohibit all commercial fishing, trapping, and netting within the boundaries of the marine park. The locdal fisherman are allowed hand fishing. The Smithsonian has a permanent research station to study and discover new marine life in the reef.

Cayos Cachinos has the second largest coral reef. You can Swim and snorkel with rays and resident turtles, or visit Isla Menor to learn about the science station and biological preserve.