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West Coast Pedal Board Launches New Dealer Program

West Coast Pedal Board announces it is building a dealer network, to focus on its Standard Line of pedalboards.

Since its launch two years ago, West Coast Pedal Board has made a name for itself, as it has produced best-in-class boards for many discerning musicians and touring professionals. While the company started out with its Custom Shop, building boards to customers' specifications, it has recently expanded with its standard line, with an eye on retail distribution.

"We put the same level of design and workmanship into our Standard Line of boards as we do into our Custom Shop" says Spencer Henderson, founder.

Henderson has received interest from dealers across the United States and throughout the world. "We are excited to roll out our retail plan, since we've now prepared our operations in order to support the stores" says Henderson. The Standard Line is comprised of two different types of boards; an angled board and the flat series. These boards are available in standard sizes, in both tolex and tweed materials.

West Coast Pedal Board is actively seeking dealers for its network and new dealer inquiries are welcome at http://westcoastpedalboard.com/dealers/.

About West Coast Pedal Board

Spencer Henderson founded West Coast Pedal Board, to design and manufacture the highest-quality pedalboards that tailor to all levels of musician. West Coast Pedal Board builds all of its gear by hand in Northern California, sourcing as many components and materials from the United States as possible. Boards are currently available in a Standard Line, as well as through the Custom Shop, where customers can choose from endless options and configurations. www.westcoastpedalboards.com

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