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Well-Known Author, Chef and Weight Loss Expert Releases New ZERO Carb, ZERO Calorie Sweetener

Doug Varrieur, well-known author of the FAT TO SKINNY book series, weight-loss expert and chef for the national DAILY BUZZ morning show releases new FAT TO SKINNY ZERO Sweetener.

One of the most sought-after products in the low-carb world is so-called "liquid Splenda". Why? Because Sucralose, the sweetener in Splenda, is so incredibly concentrated (600 times the sweetness of sugar) that it needs a "carrier" to dilute it in order to be useful. Unfortunately, the filler which carries the Sucralose in Granular Splenda includes dextrose and maltodextrin - both of which are carbohydrates.

This equates to "sugar" in Granular Splenda. A packet of Splenda has about one gram of carbohydrate, and a cup of Granular Splenda has 24 grams of carbs. Other zero carb sweeteners such as Malitol, Sorbitol and Xylitol, although sweet, are labeled "Sugar Alcohols" and have definite negative effects on our systems including an unwanted "gaseous" effect.

Doug Varrieur, well-known author of the FAT TO SKINNY book series, weight loss expert and chef for the national DAILY BUZZ morning show has solved the dilemma by formulating the new FAT TO SKINNY ZERO Sweetener.

Named ZERO because it promises to contain ZERO sugar, carbs, calories, sugar alcohols or aftertaste, ZERO is extremely concentrated. One ounce of ZERO contains the same sweetness as 12.5 cups of sugar.

Manageable, ZERO is dispensed by the drop from a 1-ounce easy to "throw in your purse" squeeze bottle delivering one drop at a time. One drop is the equivalent in sweetness as one teaspoon of sugar. Great for baking or simply sweetening a beverage ZERO promises to deliver drop after drop the kind of ZERO carb "sweet" that has been so sought-after in low carbohydrate eating plans. The product, due for national release April 1st, 2012, can be purchased from this website: http://www.shop.fattoskinny.com.

Doug Varrieur is The Daily Buzz resident Fat To Skinny Guru and Low Carb Cook. He is a successful businessman, author, and renowned chef. Doug battled weight gain his entire life until he discovered the secrets to losing the fat for good! Doug reveals his secrets in his well-known Fat To Skinny book series. Doug lost over 100 pounds and cured his own Type 2 Diabetes utilizing his personal recipes' creative ingredients. He did this by replacing all high carb foods with low carb alternatives. Doug wrote the Fat To Skinny book series because he wanted to save lives by helping others conquer obesity and related diseases.

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